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About Lake Homes Realty

I am excited to be the qualifying Broker for LAKE HOMES REALTY of West Alabama on Lake Tuscaloosa.
I serve the Lake Tuscaloosa area, Northport with Northwood Lakes, Lake Nicol, Bankhead Lake, Million Dollar Lake as well as homes in the surrounding areas on and off the lake.
I can list your home where it is seen nationwide specifically to BUYERS searching for Lakefront property.

Why would you list with a company that does not specialize, causing buyers to sift through all of the other listings when yours will pop up in front of the BUYERS searching for waterfront property on Lakehomes.com ?
Selling LAND? Your land will be marketed in the same way on a site dedicated and targeted specifically to LAND buyers.
Want to know more about how I work? Yes, maybe wordy, but I want you to know what you get.
What if I don't have a lakefront home I want to sell. Will you work with me?
Sellers "off the lake", when your home is listed with Lake Homes Realty, your home is listed just as other companies do, on our local MLS® (we are members of both West Alabama and Greater Alabama MLS® covering everywhere between here and including Birmingham potential buyers).
We have a FRONT and center presence on
helping your home be found by buyers searching for a home in Tuscaloosa. Try it by searching 35406 or 35475 and see me in the top right corner.  
I also have a presence on Homes.com, Google.com, and will create ads in Craigslist if you are interested, as well as on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.
How are you adjusting to the new changing technology?
As a lover of all things "techy" I will be sure your home is present all over the internet (IF THAT IS WHAT YOU DESIRE)
You can let me know in the initial interview if you want your home on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and any other new sites that pop up if that is your goal!
Lake Homes Realty makes sure anywhere on the web, if there is a search for "anything LAKE", your home has a chance of being seen.
Tuscaloosa is a global market with students and their families visiting from all over the world! 
TODAY Lake Tuscaloosa has owners from New York, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi and Florida, to name a few. The SIGN IN THE YARD is no longer the way to sell your home.
SELLERS see the full page under the Seller tab entitled "How we market your home on the internet". 
What other things can you do to help us sell an outdated home without having to do the upgrades ourselves before putting the home on the market?

As an interior design graduate from The University of Alabama and registered designer since 1997 (#250) in Alabama I love ambitious "seekers" who want to take a diamond in the rough and make it their own.
While showing I can create floorplans ON THE SPOT so a buyer can envision "taking out this wall" or "adding that feature". (I am NOT an architect, but can help you see homes in new ways and will connect you with 
the right person to get the job done.)
Home sellers worry about dated bathrooms, kitchens, appliances. You will find every potential buyer is different. If I am showing your home,
I can help them understand what it might cost to aesthetically make differences.  One buyer may be fine with the baths but have dreamed of having a 5 star range. Why try to guess what  they want?
You can offer an amount towards upgrades in your selling notes, giving the buyer the choice to accomodate their needs.
For home buyers, I can help you get an estimate from a professional remodeler so you have an idea of the cost before you buy the home. 
Do you create feature sheets?
As a writer (Lake Living Monthly Column with Druid City Living Newspaper in Tuscaloosa) I have a knack for creating colorful descriptions of your home to market it in the best light possible.
We leave a full "story" about what you loved as a homeowner here.
Do you use photos in your listings?

When I get an inquiry from a buyer I send full MLS® reports (usually within the hour if by text). I am sometimes surprised at the photos that are uploaded.

As a photographer I assure PROFESSIONAL grade photos for your feature sheets, web presence, tweets, posts and other tools to invite people to want to see more.


We also hire a photography professional who also sends your information out on the internet and their Facebook page and social media.

(See my photography facebook page at http://allisonpadams.com/category/photography-by-allison-adams/

You are creative. Are you organized? How do you keep up with everything?
EVERY REALTOR is different. You have to find the one that works best for you.
I AM organized.  
As a seller's representative I can assure you get creative ideas to make your property shine. I also help you overcome the potential negatives of your property and address those in creative and practical ways with potential buyers. (Obtain pricing for "what if's" such as the pier, the fence, the new paint job, the boat dock) so that any "reservation" a buyer might have is addressed up front.
As a buyer's representative, I can do the groundwork for you (if out of town) with live video stream or video posts so you can get a feel for the home without ever leaving your home.
My CPA husband and REALTOR with Lake Homes Realty can also help potential home buyers understand their budget and address any financing hurdles before wasting your time for a showing or I can get you in touch with a list of good sources in Tuscaloosa. 
Homes are bought and sold more than 85% through local sites, and our real estate market is no exception. 
Call me now to set up an appointment (INITIAL INTERVIEW AND PROPERTY EVALUATION FOR SELLERS IS always FREE OF CHARGE and I will always leave you with at least THREE pointers that can help you market your home, even if you decide not to hire me.
BUYERS: Email me or TEXT address (usually send report within the hour) with a description of what you are looking for and we can make an appointment to see them at your convenience.
We work together as a team with four agents.
About For Sale By Owner Listings.
Buyers, if you see a home that is FSBO, I can contact them to make appointments and help you get more information about the home and negotiate.
It may seem that you will save money by purchasing a home on your own. But will it? After you have decided you want the home, you will need to create a contract. If you are familiar with Alabama Law (a Buyer Beware state) and forget to note a clause for inspections, you may not have a way to get out of the deal should an unforseen issue arise.
As Realtors® we have access to a list of professionals who can help you create estimates, inspections, repairs and services. If you are from out of town it may be difficult to schedule these. 
Then, at the negotiation stage, you will have noone to help get the deal resolved should some differences arise.  
Please see this link to see the benefit of using a REALTOR in Alabama as you buy or sell a home.
If you have other questions you may contact the Tuscaloosa Association of Realtors®.
Whether buying or selling, I'd love to help you make your next MOVE!
Buyers, there is rarely cost when working with a Realtor. Most sellers (even those selling "by owner") offer a commission to agents. 
Call or text today any addresses you are interested in and test my response time!
I am here to help YOU.
Thanks for taking the time to get to know Lake Homes Realty.
We hope to work with you soon.

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Success Stories
  • Highly likely to recommend 02/03/2015 - herringlorie Bought a home in 2014 in Sommerville, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401. Local knowledge: 5Process expertise:5 Responsiveness:5 Negotiation skills:5 After a bad experience on a "For Sale by Owner" working with Allison made the buying process so much easier. She understood the importance of our budget and only showed listings within our budget.

  • Highly likely to recommend 04/20/2015 - dcook5983 Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $150K in Duncanville, AL. Local knowledge: 5Process expertise: 5Responsiveness:5 Negotiation skills:5 alison was very friendly, and would go out of her way to get us a showing or show us a house to fit our needs. great experience! she also answered our phone calls or text very promptly there was no waiting around.

  • Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $175K in Brookwood, AL. Local knowledge:5 Process expertise:5 Responsiveness:5 Negotiation skills: 5 Allison was the ONLY agent that contacted me back out of 6. She was super flexible and accommodated every want or need. She sent me info on every house I inquired without getting pre-approved, while all other agents would not even speak with us until doing so. We fell in love with the very first house we viewed. Everything fell into place and we got everything we wanted. To make things even easier, her husband,Chad Adams just happens to be the finance bank guy so you get two for the price of one! She sold us the house and he financed it. He was extremely down to earth and made things very easy for us. I absolutely recommend Allison and Chad if you are looking to buy a house!! Thanks so much! Hope we remain in touch you guys are great people!!

    New Mom
  • Highly likely to recommend 03/01/2016 - josephbrentbonner Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $200K in Northport, AL. Local knowledge: 5Process expertise: 5Responsiveness: 5Negotiation skills: 5After a mutual friend gave me Allison's information, we set off on a the house buying journey. She was by far accommodating in my search for the perfect house for me. She did a magnificent job learning what I was really looking for in a house and I think we looked at almost every house in Tuscaloosa until I found the perfect one for me! Did I mention she was patient!!!

    B. Bonner
  • Highly likely to recommend 02/26/2016 - ambuh11 Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $200K in Northport, AL. Local knowledge: Process expertise: Responsiveness: Negotiation skills: Allison is awesome!!! She helped us with everything we needed to get us the perfect home!!! I highly recommend her!!! She can help you with all your house needs!

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